The Social Media Course that Can Build Your Profit Potential in Just 4 Lessons

Does any of this ring true for you?Take Action Social Media Course with Karen Clark

Take Action Social Media

I am ready to use social media in a smart and meaningful way–without taking time from my primary business.

Take Action Social MediaI want to reach and engage prospects directly instead of wasting time and money on passive advertising.

Take Action Social MediaI want to create a community of advocates who promote and support my business.

Take Action Social MediaI need some expert guidance to help me understand and use all that social media has to offer.

Take Action Social MediaI feel like there’s a special connection to customers that I’ve heard others have–but it seems to be missing for me.

Take Action Social MediaThe ever-changing information about social media confuses me.

 If your answer is YES then I invite you to join me for the TAKE ACTION SOCIAL MEDIA course–an interactive, incremental virtual course!

(Start ANY Time! Next LIVE training January 6 through Feb 10th. All sessions are recorded. )

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Sheila Netti

 Thanks so much!!! I am loving this course! I am learning so much and it is getting me to go outside my comfort zone. Sheila Netti Take Shape for Life

  Dear Business Owners, Direct Sellers, Leaders, and Entrepreneurs,

Karen Clark - Social Media Speaker Trainer ConsultantMy name is Karen Clark and I am a trainer in building a presence online. Using social media for business is one of the most effective, efficient, and FUN ways to expand your reach online, get new business, make more money, and create a formidable presence in the search engines – resulting in an edge over your competition!

But when I surveyed my connections about building an online presence, the most common concerns were how to actually get more sales, contacts, and referrals through Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

I know that many of you get frustrated with the ever-changing landscape of marketing. Social media can be intimidating, confusing, and frustrating! The learning curve involved means you’ll spend weeks figuring something out, just to have them change it. Why not cut your learning curve in half?  Go to an expert who can tell you just what to do and how to do it – to get results!

Let me teach you how to do it right! My 16+ years in Internet marketing and as a leader in direct selling mean I can show YOU how to leverage the power of social media to gain new business in ways that feel good.

Join me for this Online Training Course where I will teach you the most important aspects of social media for increasing your online presence in an ethical, effective way that does not detract from your main business tasks.

In this 4-module course, you will take action each module at your own pace and

  • Maximize your presence on Facebook, LinkedIn,  Twitter, Google Keywords, and more.
  • Additional Lessons: Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube
  • Gain the confidence to use them on a regular basis, and
  • Learn skills to be effective and efficient online.

Free Take Action Social Media Preview CallLook at all you’ll receive in this exclusive 4 Module course by clicking on the tabs across the top of the page. Understand that by the end of this course you will be masterful at social media marketing, with an action plan to take into the future.

Here’s to the wonderful social media benefits that await you!

    I am taking the Take Action Social Media Course to reach out to my customers and develop a better interaction with them outside of the home party experience. However, when it comes to my knowledge about it, I was totally clueless. I don’t even text on my cellphone. I am at the end of Module 2 and have learned so much already that I know I will get this and be able to take action that will make a powerful impact on my business. Micki Carpenter Independent Consultant for The Pampered Chef

(Next LIVE training January 6 through Feb 10th. All sessions are recorded and you may start ANY time! )

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Here’s Why Social Media is a Perfect Way to Get New Business

Did You Know - About Social Media

Social media can be 100% free to create, and maintain yourself.

Did You Know - About Social MediaSocial media sites are indexed are search-engine friendly.

Did You Know - About Social MediaSocial media profiles are customizable, unlike some websites.

Did You Know - About Social MediaSocial media contacts are highly qualified opt-in leads.

Did You Know - About Social MediaHow many of the 800 million online can benefit from your offer?

Did You Know - About Social MediaSocial media breeds advocates, referrals and NEW business!


Sheryl Allen“I LOVE the way you’ve set this up—my sequential left brain is happy and my BIG picture right brain delighted with the BIGGER vision! ” Sheryl Allen Small Biz, Big Life

 Look at ALL the Benefits of this In-Depth Educational Series

Each Module of this 4-module course you will receive in our My Business Presence Training Center:

  1. Workbooks for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest for each Module
  2. Additional resources for Google+, Instagram, and YouTube
  3. 60 minute tele-class training per Module
  4. Video Library of supplemental lessons
  5. At least one Bonus item for advanced students per Module
  6. Support via email regarding the material any time during your enrollment
  7. Access to an exclusive, private Karen on Call discussion group for 6 months
  8. A follow-up Q/A webinar each month during your 6 month course
  9. PLUS you have access to the course materials for 6 months
  10. You can go through the course working on one social media site, then go back and repeat it with the next as often as you like during the 6 month course access period!
  11. A Certificate of Completion  upon completing all Action Steps for at least one social media site.
  12. As a Take Action Social Media participant you also receive the opportunity to renew your course access for 6 additional months for only $57

When you register for the course, you will receive an email with your access information for our My Business Presence Training Center. Once logged in, you will find the link to our live webinars, the recorded audio lessons, downloadable PDFs and recordings, our video library, bonus advanced content, and up to 6 Action Steps per Module. You’ll check the Action Steps off on a Progress Chart until complete. Each module opens up only after the steps are taken! During your 6 months you will have access to all the Modules and materials, and can go back and forth as needed to reinforce your learning! Your Self-Study Price – SALE: $297 $148.50 3-Pay option available, or earn cash back with my referral program!

(Next LIVE training January 6 through Feb 10th. All sessions are recorded and you may start ANY time! )

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Karen has great information. Easy to understand and very helpful with answering questions.Nadine Lloyd - Jolica - Fair Trade Jewellery Scarves and Purses Nadine Lloyd Jolica – Fair Trade Jewellery Scarves and Purses

 Start Any Time! This course is available on demand! The entire course was designed to be completed over a 4 week period but we understand busy schedules! You will have access to the materials for 6 months and can work at your own pace! In addition to the four recorded audio lessons, you will have some “homework” to do within each Module. You will visit the My Business Presence Training Center to download the workbooks, listen to the audios or watch the videos. Afterwards, you’ll begin your Action Steps for the module and check them off your Progress List. When each Module’s Action Steps are taking, the following Module activities open up. Bring any questions you have to our exclusive Facebook group or the live monthly webinar with Karen. Below are the minimum amounts of topics we cover. Additional bonus skills will be covered for those who are ready for advanced information, such as advanced Facebook Page techniques, using additional applications, integration with a website, and planning tools. We’ve also added a bonus lesson on using Pinterest for Business! If you have a request for something specific, let us know! We add additional training to a special link within the course on an ongoing basis. Following are the module topics we cover for each of the social media sites:

MODULE 1: Customization–Set Up Your Social Media Accounts: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus, YouTube, Google Keywords

  • Making your Profile Pop!
  • Becoming Home Page Savvy
  • Privacy Matters
  • Use What You’ve Got: Maximize Built-in Features
  • Set the Tractor Beams to Draw in Your Ideal Customers
  • Good Keywords = NEW Business
  • ADVANCED: Fabulous Facebook Business Pages

MODULE 2: Implementation–How to Use Powerful Social Media Features – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus, YouTube, Google Keywords

  • What to Post, Where, When, and How
  • News Feeds and Updates
  • Targeting and Sorting Your Connections
  • Chats, Private Messages and Notifications
  • A Multisensory Approach
  • ADVANCED: There’s an App for That!

MODULE 3: Proliferation–Start Engaging! Have Fun Growing Your Social Media Presence Every Day – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus, YouTube, Google Keywords

  • It Takes a Village – Groups, Hashtags and Other Communities
  • Tag! You’re It! Tagging Photos, Video and Status Updates
  • Integration and Syndication
  • Ads, Events, Groups, Applications
  • ADVANCED: Add a Free Email Opt-In to Your Facebook

MODULE 4: Evaluation–Check Your Results – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus, YouTube, Google Keywords

  • Real Life Examples of Effective Social Media Use
  • It’s Report Card Time!
  • Bean Counting: Tracking, Insights and Analytics
  • The New ROI: Return on Interaction
  • ADVANCED: Additional Measurement Tools and Resources

BONUS Monthly Follow Up Q/A Webinar–Let’s Make Sure It’s Working!

  • Bring your questions – anything goes!
  • Showcase what you’ve done by sharing your URLs if you wish
  • Listen in on others’ successes, challenges and solutions

VIP COMMUNITY: Karen on Call PRIVATE Social Media Group

  • Check in with fellow students to see what progress has been made.
  • Showcase your social media profiles to the group.
  • Receive feedback from Karen and the group for areas of improvement.
  • Get quick answers to your questions from Karen Clark.

Debra Friesen - Pickled MemoriesI enjoy the Take Action Social Media Facebook page, being able to ask Karen questions and learning from other people’s experiences as well… Debbra Friesen Pickled Memories

ADVANCED MATERIAL: Are you more advanced? Each module contains at least 1 bonus for those students who are ready for more ‘advanced’ skill building. If you’re a fast learner, or more “into” social media or technology, you won’t be held back. Those who aren’t ready for the advanced skills can simply skip the Advanced content – it isn’t required to complete the course or to have a powerful online presence as a result!

BONUS MATERIAL: As new social media techniques and strategies become available, Karen offers additional training to those who are hungry for more. These are available through our Additional Resources area and offer lots of value! Examples include lessons on Pinterest, YouTube, and more!

UPDATED CURRENT INFORMATION: Social media is a moving target! Whether it is Facebook changing it’s layouts, rules or settings, or Twitter and LinkedIn tweaking their profile layouts, social media changes so often that our heads spin! In our Additional Resources area, Karen has included a link to tutorials explaining the very latest most up to date information on social media changes. You’ll always be in the know!

(Next LIVE training January 6 through Feb 10th. All sessions are recorded and you may start ANY time! )
Register for Take Action Social Media Course Annette Jarboe - Wine Shop at HomeThis course is filled with advice for Social Media users from novice to experts. I specifically have been using ways to create interaction with the people on my page by asking questions unrelated to my business. Annette Jarboe Wine Shop at Home

 Do you belong in this class? If you identify with any of the following, you do!

  1. You have not yet created effective business profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.
  2. You have have Facebook LinkedIn and Twitter, but you don’t know what to do with them!
  3. You love your business, and the difference you make, but want to increase your list, your income, or your direct sales team!
  4. You’re a good student and love to learn new things, even if it means stretching your comfort zone!
  5. You are willing to invest 1 to 3 hours a week learning and implementing the lessons.
  6. You’re excited and eager to FINALLY learn how to do this right – and see results!

Karen rocks. She is generous with her time and sharing information.Weight Loss Success Academy - Jennifer A. Gage PhD Jennifer A. Gage PhDWeight Loss Success Academy

Look at the Incredible Value You Get–During the Course and Far into the Future!

For Your Self-Study Price of SALE $297 $148.50 per individual, you will receive:

  1. 6 month membership in the My Business Presence Training Center, a virtual training platform where all course materials are accessed.
  2. Receive 4 modules of 60 minutes each in teleclass training,
  3. An additional video library of tutorials.
  4. Audio recordings of every teleclass to either download for later or replay on your computer.
  5. Printable handouts for each module with listed resources and instructions.
  6. Take-action steps to help you put into practice what you’ve learned right away.
  7. Access to at least 1 bonus training per module for advanced students.
  8. Access to the course materials and recordings online for 6 full months following your registration. Take and retake the course as often as you need to!
  9. Open access to support, answers and clarification exclusively for students of this course, directly from Karen Clark, your instructor.
  10. 6 months of community support via our exclusive private Karen on Call social media group. This means ongoing interaction with others who are growing their social media presence, support whenever you need it whether a specific project question or you simply want to understand the latest update in social media technology.
  11. FREE bonus Q/A webinar or teleclass each month of your 6 month participation to check in after you’ve had some time to work your new skills.
  12. Opportunity to renew your course access for 6 additional months for only $57

MaryJo MooreKaren has the perfect balance of expertise and personality that make working with her easy and enjoyable. Her quick responses and knowledgeable answers are invaluable as you create your presence in Social Media. Her approachable style and positive energy are what I like the most. MaryJo Moore Moore Design Graphics

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(Next LIVE training January 6 through Feb 10th. All sessions are recorded and you may start ANY time! )

You will also enjoy these benefits:

Satisfaction Guarantee Take Action Social MediaConvenience * All-in-One Process * Fun, Enjoyable, Interactive Learning * Gain Confidence * No More Wasted Time or Money * Personal Attention from an Expert * Growing Sales Potential * Growing Brand Awareness * Gaining Brand Ambassadors If you were going through the same number of hours with me one on one, you would be charged a minimum of $5,000.00. In fact, I’ve checked into dozens of similar programs and the ones that are any good all cost over $3,000! I prefer to pack my programs with as much content as I possibly can, and keep my price at a tiny fraction of the cost of those other programs or what you’d be paying if you were working with me one on one. By participating in this 4 Module Virtual Course along with a group of your peers, you are able to learn everything you need about social media for business at a TREMENDOUS DISCOUNT

Your price – SALE $297 $148.503-Pay option available.

Jean Lenoue - The Social GenieIt’s a great course to learn quick tips even at advanced level but it is made simple enough for the beginner. Jean Lenoue The Social Jeanie

    Take Action Social Media Referral Program Do you know others who would benefit from this experience? Refer friends and earn CASH BACK Sign up as an affiliate and make 30-40% CASH. Read more details and get suggestions for sharing on my Referral Program page. Interested in registering 10 or more for a discount? Or licensing our program for your organization or company? Contact me for bulk pricing.

It’s Your Money, Your Time–Your Business! So Learn from the Best.

My Business Presence - Karen Clark, Social Media Trainer for Entrepreneurs and Direct SellersKaren Clark is the President and Founder of My Business Presence, a company specializing in ethical, effective and empowering online presence training for direct sellers and entrepreneurs. She offers her training through hands-on workshops, webinars, and large group presentations as well as her blogs, videos and eBook tutorials. She specializes in working with direct selling leaders and companies as well as independent entrepreneurs and trade associations.

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Here’s how students feel about Karen Clark’s social media training:

Jena Thompson - Daisy Blue NaturalsOur organization was blessed to have Karen as our trainer on social media. Her knowledge on Facebook and Twitter is astounding; not only did we learn the ‘how to’ but she also shared with us proper etiquette, techniques to build your business using social media, and security measures that most of us were not aware of! She trained in a way that made it easy and fun!Jena Thompson, President & CEO Daisy Blue Naturals   Ken Kappel - Use Foreclosure LawKaren is very clear and empathetic in her presentation. She inspires confidence that you can learn and “DO” this new thing! Ken Kappel, Author, Use Foreclosure Law

  Tina Oscar - TupperwareKaren is very knowledgeable on how to create an effective online presence. Her teaching is explained in an easy to understand format that even the most inexperienced computer person can grasp. Most important, she has a willingness to share with others. Tina Oscar, Legacy Executive Director, Tupperware   Ruth Scwartz - Respecting Our EldersKaren has the amazing ability to break some very complex tasks down to basic steps that are easy to follow.Ruth Schwartz, All-Volunteer Non-Profit Leader Respecting Our Elders

More About Karen

Karen Clark Social Media SpeakerKaren Clark is a seasoned online presence speaker and trainer who shares her 16 years experience in marketing a profitable online business through fun and dynamic presentations. Karen shows business owners how to attract new business, foster loyalty by serving and stay true to their principles and personal business while building an ethical online presence. Karen was the President of the Sonoma/Marin Direct Selling Women’s Alliance for four years. She is the co-author of two books, Direct Selling Power (March 2010) and Incredible Business (September 2010). Karen has been featured in the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance’s Mentored by the Masters CD series, and Top Seller’s Tell, a book highlighting successful home-based entrepreneurs, as well as two magazines, Step into success, and Home Business Connection. Karen has been honored with the DSWA’s Spirit Award and Ambassador of the Year Award for her service to the direct selling profession. Karen is a Certified ELITE leader through the DSWA and holds a BA in Liberal Studies/English as well as Teaching Credentials in Elementary Ed and English. She and her husband, Greg, live with their 3 children in beautiful Sonoma County, California.

(Next LIVE training January 6 through Feb 10th. All sessions are recorded and you may start ANY time! )

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Still thinking about it? Read one course participant had to say and you’ll understand why this is the course for you!

Jill Breheny - Lemongrass SpaOver the past two years, I have attended almost a dozen Social Media 45 minute seminars and although I learned helpful information, more often than not, I left with the feeling that someone must have a view of the entire mural of social media and these lectures were only highlighting a small section. I made the decision to enroll in Karen Clark’s Take Action Social Media course because I agreed with her advice to spend a small amount of time on this per day, but did not know how to effectively use my time or what to do that would have the largest impact. I have started the Take Action Social Media course and appreciate that Karen is responsive to questions and her course has clear steps to take that are broken into modules. It is a powerful course, as there are audio segments as well as videos with recommended steps to take and it finally feels that someone is shining a light on the whole mural of Social Media. I am thankful that Social Media is Karen’s expertise, as she also has a joy of teaching, which is contagious. Jill Breheny with  Lemongrass Spa

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